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[PRE-ORDER] STĒDE Portable Inkless Printer, A4 size paper, 8.2 x 4.5cm

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APP: Tiny Print
Product features: Bluetooth-compatible connection, remote printing, test paper printing, photo search, document printing, intelligent question bank, error question sorting, OCR text extraction, photo printing, English dictionary, images, text, webpage, ledger, and text printing functions.
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Charging interface: 5V Micro USB
Clarity: 200dpi
Printing method: thermal/inkless printing
Imaging method: black and white
Connection method: Bluetooth-compatible BLE4.0
Printing paper specification: A4
Packaging size: 338 * 123 * 68mm/13.31 * 4.84 * 2.68in
Consumable specifications: 210 * 30 * 16mm/8.27 * 1.18 * 0.63in
Product size: 291 * 100 * 62mm/11.46 * 3.94 * 2.44in
Net weight of product: 981g
Product gross weight: 1300g