HOME IS NOT A PLACE. IT IS A FEELING. Creating a home is making a space that is uniquely yours, that expresses you and how you want to live your life with your family. And most importantly, it helps you become the best version of yourself. Create a home that nurtures full of love and laughter. Create great memories and sense of belonging. Whether it is modern, minimalist, colourful or contemporary. You choose. Which one will you be?

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  • IKEA

    Comfort and Organised is key when it comes to cozy living. Allow yourself to invest in items that will improve the quality of your home life so you will be stress free when you reach home from a long day of work. Make your special home with us today!

  • Secretlab

    Secretlab was established in 2014 and quickly became one of the most recognizable brands in the Esports for its comfy, yet extremely pricey gaming seats. View Secretlab collaborations products with the likes of Riot Game - League of Legends, Pokemon, DC comics and many more.

  • Smiggle

    Smiggle is the ultimate destination for school essentials. From backpacks to pencil cases, Smiggle is the original creator of all things colourful, fun and unique. What better way to make your loved ones be excited for school